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Happy Haruppi ♛: Kodama Haruka's Birthday Project ♛兒玉遥




Hey everyone! As some of you may know, Haruppi’s birthday is a month away, on September 19th our little fairy becomes 17! To be honest I wasn’t sure we were going to do anything this year, I’m super busy, however if I had known the Haruppi community doesn’t revolve around…

Anonymous wondered:
I've seen on you're blog ( That I love by the way ) that you watch video of some youtubers. Me and my sister started a channel a couple a month ago. You know there is a not a lot of girl in the youtube comedy community, so that like our supreme goal aahhah. If you have a couple of minutes, that would be awesome if you could watch one of our video. if you like it you can sub, and if you don't then just skip that! :)

Of course you can send me your channel I will watch it when I have some time ♥

posted 1 year ago
devilyne wondered:
Hey ! /Je suis akdiary48, via son compte principal/ Je vois que tu viens de me follow, alors j'ai voulu check ton tumblr et .. SURPRISE, une française aussi, ça ça fait plaisir xD ! Hehe tu serais pas l'anon de tout à l'heure par hasard ^.^ ?

Yes c’est bien moi :D J’avais oublié de me connecter j’ai pas fait gaffe xD C’est clair que ça fait toujours plaisir de voir des français fan des AKB \(°o°)/ En tout cas comme je te l’ai dit j’adore l’histoire de Rena et Sasshi, peut-être un peu plus Sasshi d’ailleurs *__*

posted 1 year ago